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rich 1 beauty

Rich 1 Beauty Salon & MediSpa has been locally owned and operated since 1993. We pride ourselves with client care and our high level of service and attention to detail.

 Rich 1 Beauty Salon & MediSpa offers a wide range of beauty services including Hair, Esthetics, Permanent Cosmetics, Nail Care, Anti Aging, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Tattoo Removal, Non-surgical Face lifts, Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction, Hair Restoration & much more.


Richard Tchamourian, ICT.

Master Stylist/PMU Instructor/Laser Tech.      view his work

Richard has been in the industry since 1984 and has loved it ever since. His passion for learning and teaching is what motivates him.

Heather face.webp


Master Stylist  view her work

Stylist since 1995

Nail Tech Nanaimo


Nail/Lash Technician  view her work

Darché has excellent costumer service with great turn out on her work.

Erin R.

Aesthetician  view her work

since 2007 Erin has a great personality as well as ability in the aesthetic world of beauty.


John/Jane Doe

Your Position.  view your work

We would love to see your name and work here!

We are hiring:

Hairstylists & Aestheticians

Want to be part of our team?  E-mail your resume to:  Rich1Beauty

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